Over the years filmmakers have have been producing many histories on adventures, commedies dramas, murder mystery, secrets-hauting and certainly espionage like in the realistic dramatization of an exciting spy hunt told in the 1944 Metro Goldwyn Mayer release "Patrolling the Ether". The film starred by Richard Crane, Don Curtis and Connie Gilchrist tells the history of a proficent radio amateur while working for the radio intelligence service succeded in finding a German clandestine spy radio transmitter sending information concerning the departure of an American convoy to the Nazy submarine fleet.


A eOne of the mostly looked theme in films histories, espionage is exploited in MGM 1944 release "Patrolling the Ether".

"Patrolling the Ether" MGM photograph where a proficent radio amateur is invited to join Radio Intelligence Division.
QST, May 1944.



"Patrolling the Ether" MGM scene's photograph showing the Nazi spy transmitter signals being monitored by the Radio Intelligence Department.
QST, May 1944.