Since the most remote times, communication always was a fundamental aspect for the armies and Armed Forces. Over the years, many methods of communication had been used for sending information such as: homing pigeons, visual signalling. (a) The technological Innovations in the military communication started in XIX century. First by the use of the telegraph invented by Samuel Morse (b) and, later with the telephone invented in 1876 by Alexander Bell. (c)

In the beginning of the XX century, the military communications developed quickly, based in the termionic valve, which gave birth to new technologies like the radio and the radiotelephony.

(b) The telegraphic receiver invented in 1840 by Samuel Morse.
1903 mobile radio station, with Marconi sat down in the step of the steam truck THORNYCROFT
c) Early type of telephone repeater.
One old type of used manipulator of telegraphy for education and training of operators in such a way for civil ends as military.