The lives and personalities of the pathfinders in radio and electronics are always an absorving narrative. However consiering the subtle minds of early pioneers as a matter of interest, a brief note is dedicated to some scientists and engineers whos invnetions contributed decisively to the improvements, and circuits.

- Lee DeForest:
The "wireless father", invented the Audion, the fundamentals basis of thermionics that culminated in radio and modern wireless.
- John Stone Stone:
Was an American physicist interested in wireless, a pioneer of wireless tunrers. In 1912, he helped demonstrate the grid Audion operating as an amplification device to engineers of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.
- Irving Langmuir:
Was the "man of materials", a scientist highly specialized in materials research. In 1915, working at Genereal Electric laboratories, he developed thoriated filament for lamps and valves, and a process for atomic-hydrogen welding.

- Hendrik Johannes Van Der Bilj:
The "wizard of thermionics", renowned physicist, completed his early education in South Africa. His researches in electron emission led him to develop the characteristics of valves on a fundamental mathematical basis.