Fig. 301 -The living room has now a new type of furniture: the radio receiver.
In the later twenties radio communications either by telegraphy or radiotelephony was consolidated. From early experimental wireless transmissions, both by amateurs and commercial, requiring a lot of technical knowledge, soon radio became a popular attraction and so it gave birth to radio broadcasting.
While the piano, the phonograph or even a cuddly rocking chair for a pleasant book reading were the furniture pieces of a yesteryear living-room, the radio receiver enters home, becoming now either an important piece of ornamentation as well as for entertainment, shrinking the outside world just by a flick of a switch. Fig 301
As aforementioned in chapter 3, the evolution of radio receiver was commented in a generical way, considering basically its circuit concept.
Therefore, around 1930, radio reached the point it became part of everyday life and quickly a booming industry, requiring the research and the development of advanced components, materials, manufacturing technique, and finally the industrial design, responsible for this new type of home appliance electro-mechnical constructive trends.